* weekly * horoscopes - march 24 / march 30, 2015
- aries : the ram - aries
march 20 - april 19
Sandwiched between the solar eclipse last week and the lunar eclipse of early April, this is a quieter period. However, the lull in proceedings increases your awareness of a number of discrepancies and contradictions, between what you claim to want on the one hand and what you’re actively seeking on the other. This confuses people and causes them to doubt you, when in fact these differences are down to your own internal dilemmas rather than any subterfuge. You’ve always preferred action to introspection but can save yourself lots of trouble, if you try to understand what drives you, to the best of your ability.
taurus - taurus : the bull -
april 20 - may 20
With three planets in the sign before yours, this is an introspective week. Venus in your constellation inclines you not to create a lot of drama, so the bulk of any activity takes place behind the scenes. Next week Mars arrives in Taurus too, meaning the pace of life heats up and you’ll be glad you took the time out when you did. Anything you’re keen to tackle in the interim, goes best with an underlying theme of preparation in mind. Projects that’ll see the light of day further on down the line, plans you have for the future and activities that involve your personal and private affairs, fit perfectly with these cosmic trends.
- gemini : the twins - gemini
may 21 - june 20
You have questioned what you are doing many times over. Sometimes you can see the way ahead so clearly it dazzles you, but at other moments the path becomes indefinite, invisible and obscured by mists and clouds. Like the weather at higher latitudes the latter is more usual, making those fleeting moments of lucid insight all the more striking when they occur. Generally you value language and logic, tending to rationalise and verbalise your slant on any given situation. But here is one instance where a looser and more intuitive approach, trusting to luck and with faith in a positive outcome, pays dividends in the end…
cancer - cancer : the crab -
june 21 - july 22
If you are active and absorbed in the world of work, the week ahead is an excellent opportunity to further your progress through your own efforts, by ploughing a unique furrow and working very hard. If endless toil was any guarantee of stardom, you’d find far more people towards the top of the pile, yet there are times when directly and in proportion to your dedication, you are able to improve your material circumstances and come closer to your goals. Even if conventional employment is the furthest activity from your mind, this is still an excellent period for pursuing important objectives you’ve had on the boil…
- leo : the lion - leo
july 23 - august 22
Sometimes, things just need to change. On other occasions without you realising and definitely not giving your consent, you find they have already done so, when you were hoping that wouldn’t come about. Yet this should not be an unsettling process, since without constant evolution, we’d never have come further than the primordial soup. Nonetheless, your natural tendency has always been to keep things as they are, even when it is clear your progress is being hampered unnecessarily by this intransigence. Where complicated emotions add to it, a frank but kindly discussion of your feelings is the best course of action.
virgo - virgo : the maiden -
august 23 - september 22
People have been so tricky to deal with lately. Those you’ve trusted have only rarely lived up to your expectations, while others have done the total opposite of what you anticipated or have painted a picture that looked one way, when circumstances were another thing altogether. There are a few individuals you’re sure you could not do without, yet putting them on a pedestal makes it tough to see them as equals, or to handle the sorts of issues everyone must face. Sometimes the answers you seek cannot be found instantly. Concentrating on where you’re heading in your own right, helps establish an equilibrium.
- libra : the scales - libra
september 23 - october 22
Getting bogged down in the same old routine is a problem for many, but having no rules to keep you stable and grounded, can be just as much of an issue. Enjoying an entirely free hand to make your own decisions whenever you want is potentially worse, than being hidebound by obligation with no freedom to move. Good health habits for instance are an excellent place to start, discovering which nutrients your food contains and those that are needed for what purpose. Similarly, having a religion or philosophy you observe and run your life by, can assist with a few useful guidelines that need not appear too restrictive…
scorpio - scorpio : the scorpion -
october 23 - november 21
Obviously, you have anxieties and your money worries are not the least among these. Still, there is more to life than paying the bills and feeling you are able to be yourself is one important factor. But the circumstances that give rise to this happy sense of purpose are not always easy to define or pin down. The knowledge that you can want something, imagine how it would feel for this to become a reality, then go about creating the circumstances that will turn it into a fact, are all elements of this process. Other people always have an input into the eventual outcome, yet fundamentally the choices remain your own.
- sagittarius : the archer - sagittarius
november 22 - december 21
Courage and even bravado, both add extra value. Acting as if you aren’t afraid will fool many people, including your conscious self for much of the time. Deep inside though you know the truth, as you crouch with your hands raised above your head, shielding yourself from the debris raining constantly down upon you from an unsympathetic universe. How you have ended up in this situation, is difficult to quantify. But at the end of the day your needs are what counts and within reason, these should be given precedence. Not peer pressure, or the demands of folk who don’t appreciate the complexities of a particular scenario.
capricorn - capricorn : the sea-goat -
december 22 - january 19
With a solar eclipse behind you and a total lunar eclipse ahead, you’d imagine that the intervening period would be calmer. But that isn’t how this eclipse is working out for you, with these two events roughly a fortnight apart and with the Sun kicking off the process. The period in-between bears all the hallmarks of both events combined, as the Moon helps you to understand the full implications of these solar trends. Ongoing issues at work and regarding your well-being, cause you to review your standpoint on a number of important issues. A more balanced and equitable approach is crucial as you consider the way forward.
- aquarius : the water-bearer - aquarius
january 20 - february 18
The area of the heavens that deals with money, also reveals what you value the most. Therefore, when issues arise around your finances, these point towards what really matters to you. After a few setbacks during recent years that were hard to endure, your attitude towards your material affairs has never been more idealistic. In some respects this guarantees you will ignore attempts at compromise, or to consider any sources of income that go against these elevated principles. Only on the other hand, the fallout from various decisions still necessitates plenty of humility, at least where your purchasing power is concerned.
pisces - pisces : the fishes -
february 19 - march 19
An eclipse like the recent one in your sign, puts such a focus on your public persona, the impression you are creating and how you are coming across, it can cause something of an identity crisis. You have a tendency to be all things to everyone, so while that is great for putting people at their ease, it can leave you feeling quite hollow, or at the whim of those with few honourable intentions. The key is to maintain a solid base, that is kept to yourself and for those you trust implicitly. It’ll act like ballast to stop you from getting knocked over, emulating a famous egg-shaped toy from the Seventies that never could fall down.
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