* weekly * horoscopes - november 18 / november 24, 2014
- aries : the ram - aries
march 20 - april 19
The Sun enters Sagittarius and your itchy feet get worse. But there is still much to resolve, between you and those closest to you, especially where you are involved in complex financial arrangements or shared property, with unfinished business remaining between the two of you. Yet the process of negotiation has stalled, while other issues need additional time for the full picture to emerge. Although you are eager for a solution that to you seems so obvious, another part of you wants to drop the whole subject for a while. Unfamiliar scenery, better company and a fresh mindset, put distance between you and these concerns…
taurus - taurus : the bull -
april 20 - may 20
The trouble with relationships is that fairly soon, they require you to share more than simply affection. Physical intimacy is an intimidating prospect for some, when given what we’re fed via TV and the movies, you might imagine that being great in the sack is such a necessary prerequisite. Living together can look even more terrifying, since everybody needs space sometimes and it feels daunting to give this away. Finally, there is the thorny matter of money and material resources, such as property, credit and debt. Still, if you’re careful, there are advantages to togetherness that might even prove profitable in the end…
- gemini : the twins - gemini
may 21 - june 20
There has been such a huge focus on practicalities, it seems forever since you could appreciate the finer points of what life is all about. You have felt weary and downhearted, quite unequal to the challenges that knock regularly upon your door. To counter the ill-effects of what is ultimately a passing phase, treat your health with more care than usual, by not burning the candle at both ends for instance and eating the right things. And always try to remember, amid the ocean of discord and thoughtlessness that sometimes seems to surround you, there are one or two folk looking out for you, like beacons amid this confusion…
cancer - cancer : the crab -
june 21 - july 22
While at the peak of their power more than a week ago, the combination of Mars and Pluto in your partnership zone, remains a force to be countered in such a sensitive area of your horoscope. You are glad that the harshest edges have worn off this influence, but you are still facing more than your share of difficulties when it comes to certain relationships. One or two people seem intent on meddling in your affairs, even going so far as attempting to control you, or to coerce you into behaving a certain way. You ought to stand up to them and hold your ground, knowing your rights and stepping absolutely no further.
- leo : the lion - leo
july 23 - august 22
You’re keen on broadening your horizons and savouring, some of that famous good fortune while Jupiter remains in your sign, yet it seems so much depends on the input and requirements of others, you can’t help feeling just a little held back. But instead of becoming resentful, remember the almost legendary importance of any lion’s den, rather than convincing yourself there are no positives to your current situation. You’d be a less secure individual without your family, while others have assisted you in subtle ways that are not wholly obvious. You always have a choice; so accept responsibility for your decisions…
virgo - virgo : the maiden -
august 23 - september 22
Many of the most favourable influences in your chart this week highlight your private affairs. Your home and family life seem finally to have turned a corner, allowing you to heave a massive sigh of relief and to welcome a new sense of security, although these are not life-altering events and are more of a natural progression. Perhaps you will be pleasantly surprised by this sensation of well-being, having deliberately driven from your mind the uncertainty you noted before. That offers an insight into trends later this year and during the next, as you’ll benefit from giving your domestic situation a greater focus than in the past.
- libra : the scales - libra
september 23 - october 22
Your income remains a cause for conjecture, although you’re gradually becoming more sanguine about these anxieties as you tackle essential issues. Nonetheless, this is not the ideal moment for carelessness, a cavalier attitude, or taking things for granted. Rather it is the perfect juncture for reviewing your expenditure in detail, to keep an eye out for waste and to wind up unnecessary outgoings, as you check whether any regular payments still represent the best value for money. The black hole in your finances ought to have been addressed by now, so it’s the minutiae and finer details that offer the biggest returns.
scorpio - scorpio : the scorpion -
october 23 - november 21
The Sun and Moon both highlight and then leave your sign this week while Mercury and Saturn remain throughout. Although your implacable exterior purposely belies this fact, underneath you are a seething cauldron of emotions, meaning very little that you do is not driven by your feelings. The two luminaries bolster these tendencies, but as the conjunction between Mercury and Saturn becomes more precise you are under a rational trend. You may not ever see yourself exactly as others see you. But you might be able to gain a clearer overview of where your winning ways are undermined by other less helpful habits.
- sagittarius : the archer - sagittarius
november 22 - december 21
This is a big week for you in astrological terms. Trends germinating now help you to address some of the complications you’ve faced and place you on a stronger footing. Especially when it comes to life at home, your emotional needs and where you see yourself in a few years, a better angle on your circumstances leaves you more confident about where you’re heading. Venus smooths over minor difficulties in your relationships, while the Sun’s arrival in your sign on Saturday, precedes the new moon by less than three hours. A fresh start originates within you to begin with; think about an acorn sprouting beneath the soil…
capricorn - capricorn : the sea-goat -
december 22 - january 19
Mars and Pluto are still in your sign, although the distance between them is increasing. The red planet is strongly placed, so you have plenty of energy to further your professional ambitions, or alternatively any other tangible goals you have in mind. But Pluto is a more complicated proposition and if you’re honest, there will have been a few occasions lately where you have faced conflict, as others responded to what they reckon represents an unwarranted interference in their business. And retrospectively, it's possible you did overstep the mark. It is a good moment for pulling in your horns, while everybody calms down…
- aquarius : the water-bearer - aquarius
january 20 - february 18
It’s weird, but after so many difficulties you rise again as a stronger individual and with the world looking at you in a more favourable way. Exactly how and why this has happened, you aren’t entirely sure, although taking an objective point of view it might have something to do with all the good works you’ve been stacking up, for longer than most folk can remember. Even though a number of people are clearly antagonistic, the majority of those whose opinions count remain firmly in your favour. You have proven a point and emerged smelling of roses, so in terms of your wider affairs, what does this symbolise for you?
pisces - pisces : the fishes -
february 19 - march 19
You need time to distance yourself from recent events. Perhaps your boundaries are too permeable and your intuitive perception too acute, for you to create a solid firewall between you and those who would cause you difficulties; without the necessity of a physical divide as well. You know when people say, that absence makes your heart grow fonder? Well, it also causes a bunch of other things to look better too, such as your workload, your relationships, your financial position and future prospects. It isn’t like you’re trying to dodge your responsibilities, but then neither are you keen to pick up extra from someone else…
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