: virgo - your year in the stars :
The coming year is one of conclusion and also for preparation, during which you are drawn to focus on your personal life and on the state of your relationships in particular. The planets align in such a fashion that you discover yourself more behind the scenes than usual, giving you the opportunity for a welcome episode of introspection, during which to mull over events and to learn what you can from everything that has occurred. By the end of the twelve months in question, your lengthy stay in the background has begun to prove a little disconcerting, even when you are generally happy in a less than prominent role. However, next year sees you back in the driving seat again and perhaps longing for the days when you had time to yourself, so be ready for when this happens and ensure you use the period in question sensibly.

The three retrograde cycles of your ruling planet Mercury, emphasise practical concerns increasingly this year. On an everyday level you will often be caught up with your material affairs, including financial interests or your work and career, whether your duties include regular employment or simply everything you have to do. The final months of 2014 and the last six weeks of this time span overall are a great opportunity to improve your skills, study, sit examinations or deal with contractual issues. Your cautious and worldly-wise approach helps you spot difficulties before they arise and keeps your feet on the ground where negotiations are involved. But take matters deeper than a superficial level and you'll soon recognise, this is fundamentally a juncture at which to review the proceedings of several years beforehand.
It would be prudent to consider where these leave you today, with regard to other people and those closest to you. It is very true to say that if you don’t know where you’re coming from it is harder to appreciate precisely whereabouts you’re heading, so this year represents an opportunity for you to lay to rest any ghosts from the past and to ponder your route heading forwards. The origins of the process under consideration stretch back at least six years and to a degree even on a similar timescale before that, if you are able to accept a longer view and this has some relevance for you.

Around that time your relationships began to change enormously as a number of new people arrived in your life, or started to assume a more prominent role. These individuals turned out to be very different from those you had known previously and opened your eyes to new ways of living, along with an array of different possibilities, you’d never have considered beforehand to be realistically within your grasp, or something you might be able to achieve. You learned a great deal from these people, maybe not in any formal sense but by watching their behaviour, how they dealt with situations and by listening to their idiosyncratic take on life. Yet although you were fascinated and eager to learn, their views occasionally grew too challenging and radical in the end…

When their actions and intentions began to fly in the face of everything you believed in and that you had come to accept as the conventional wisdom, you found it impossible to embrace these ideas further. This left you with a sense these icons were flawed as individuals or that maybe they were damaged goods, without acknowledging the lessons of your prior encounters or the worth of all you had understood. Your critical faculties surged to the forefront and where there had been respect and admiration, you discovered instead a sense of anger and a desire for retribution.
: virgo - august 2014/august 2015 :
You adopted and ultimately became driven by the view that if your idols could fall so heavily, you ought to be able with the benefit of your experience, to replicate their achievements or even to do better for yourself. You became increasingly zealous, goal-orientated and ambitious, possibly more so than at any time in your life. Many did not understand what was happening and why such a previously modest, helpful and self-deprecating character had suddenly become so ruthless and intolerant. Some were rattled by these developments and a struggle for dominance ensued, while the remainder decided this wasn’t what they wanted and consigned your association to past history.

But although many of these eventualities arose as a result of your own instigation, a leopard cannot change its spots, not even one born under your sign. As the consequences of your newly discovered no-nonsense approach unfolded, you were hurt and dismayed by the exodus from your orbit. Some stayed as a reminder of your growth, but you wonder whether the process of natural selection was for the best. Could it be that the weakest links remained while the strongest immediately departed? Thus, during the first six months of 2015 in particular, you will face some tough choices, that will eventually need to be resolved. A happy domestic situation and rewarding love life are not impossible, but there needs to be give and take. In every relationship and across the range of your associations, it cannot always be one person in charge and another following, or one side of the equation keen to compromise while the other won’t surrender any ground…
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