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The year ahead, running from your birthday in 2013 through to the same point twelve months later, promises to be a period during which you will be learning an enormous amount about yourself and the universe that you inhabit. This happens gradually and increases day by day, so don’t anticipate your sudden enlightenment or a raft of shock revelations, but rather what you might consider to be an illuminating experience when you look back on it. Saturn, in the region of your horoscope dealing with education in the broadest sense, suggests this process will not always be an easy one, but you’ll emerge from it a far wiser person in the end. Once this phase has concluded, a number of your existing theories will no longer be watertight, but you will have a solid background founded in experience, on which to build in future.

Thus the coming months are an excellent period for all kinds of formal study or during which to acquire new skills, either on the job or with your professional interests in mind for further on down the line. As always where you are concerned, it will be best if what you devote your energies towards has a practical focus rather than bearing a purely academic slant. If it promises some likelihood of earning you money eventually too, this would provide an additional impetus. However, you’re aware that useful abilities rarely go amiss in whatever context, so providing you sense a tangible and concrete application, it is unlikely you’ll feel any talent you develop ever turned out to be a waste of time.
Whether you are thinking about your employment prospects or rather life on a broader scale, it is becoming apparent there is scope for improvement and that your old ways of approaching things, are in several areas not so effective as they used to be. This saddens you, as you find yourself yearning for a past that seemed happier, at least from the perspective of the intervening years. Yet a more positive use of Saturn’s energies, comes from concentrating your focus and buckling down to the task in hand…

Consider those ideas, theories and strategies that still prove effective and purposeful, then differentiate them from various other schemes that by contrast appear outmoded and outdated. No matter how well these served you beforehand, you do yourself no favours trying to shore up an obviously crumbling edifice. It is time to move on in certain key respects and to consolidate your progress in others. The challenge of your year ahead is to know the difference between these two sets of criteria, then to steel yourself as you summon the nerve to deal with them accordingly.

Much of this has to do with your relationships and the events both favourable and less so, of recent years. Your attitude to affairs of the heart is surprisingly hard to pin down, since on the one hand you are ruthlessly pragmatic while on the other you remain quite hopelessly romantic. Your ideal approach probably lies roughly at the midpoint between these two extremes, but this isn’t always an easy balance to strike in the first place or a straightforward equilibrium to maintain. Periodically, you find yourself wondering whether the apparent innocence of your prior associations has been permanently consigned to another era, since while social contacts and even closer friendships prove both convivial and rewarding, those associations with a romantic tone or a deeper sense of responsibility can easily become fraught so very quickly.
: virgo - august 2013/august 2014 :
Things are not too bad when others understand and appreciate the connection between your idealism on the one hand and your exaggerated attempts at protecting yourself and affirming your capabilities on the other, but not everyone has this in their emotional vocabulary or wants to indulge it either. Probably your own reaction has its roots in your distant and perhaps not so faraway past, when you were left with the feeling that your trust had been betrayed by people to whom with the benefit of hindsight, you would not have given the breaks you did. Never mind the part you played since this contains a lesson in itself, but eventually you come to realise this pattern of events is not set in stone. Having gone through these experiences and learned what you can, more rewarding liaisons still await you now.

In fact, whether you are already attached or are single and looking for love, the possibility of an intuitive link with someone who just seems to understand you without the usual need to explain everything, is at least equal and probably greater if you’re sensible, than the chances you will end up lumbered with the downside of this influence, namely somebody who deceives and lies to you. But it is important to be circumspect in any new partnership, holding your space and taking care of your material and emotional resources until you’re really sure of where you stand. This always takes a while, so never allow yourself to be swept up on a tide of idealism, or let yourself become fascinated by those you know aren’t really good for you. Don’t accept the glib promises of others, who haven’t yet been allowed to prove themselves…
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