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The year ahead is going to be an outstanding one for you. It represents a period that in retrospect you will always regard as an enormously significant interlude, one that changed your outlook and your prospects for the better and that defined a watershed, between the way life was beforehand and what transpires subsequently. There are a number of celestial portents that point towards this conclusion, but one of the more obvious and also the most important, involves the return of Jupiter to your sign after an absence of eleven years. Among the auguries that are generally observed in modern astrology, Jupiter is considered to be the most fortunate of the entire bunch. It orbits the Sun and circles the zodiac in a little under twelve years, which implies a visit of roughly twelve months for each zodiac constellation in turn.

Its arrival in your sign is a cause for celebration, since this planet comes coupled with a number of beneficial outcomes. Good fortune, success and an enduring luck are among the associations that traditionally get folk excited, plus there is nothing to suggest these have altered since the days of yore. Material benefits are only part of the picture; as the largest planet in our solar system is primarily connected with your personal growth. Tolerance, a deeper understanding and in turn a happier existence, are all linked to the presence of Jupiter in your part of the sky. Travel, education and dealing with those from other cultures and backgrounds, are just a few ways in which your horizons might be broadened. It is fair to say during these twelve months, the energy you put out to the world is returned several times over.
But the easygoing essence of this planet and its capacity, for contentment and peace of mind no matter what else happens, will not coerce you into action. Aside from the ongoing issues at home and within your family, with reference to where you’re living and how adequately you believe, this fits in with your needs and expectations; the coming year allows you to enjoy yourself and to relax, regardless of whatever goals you have in mind. These may be numerous and ambitious, or they could be simpler and more straightforward. But in short, forthcoming trends leave you free to decide on your own parameters. No one will condemn you for setting these lower than you could have done, except perhaps for yourself maybe, with the wisdom of hindsight and years to come.

Still, Jupiter always signifies greater confidence and optimism. Admittedly this would not be hard, after the past year in particular, but again the theme is of a turning point and also the beginning of a new twelve-year cycle of growth and progress. As you incline towards expanding your mind and an alternative context, you may discover a new philosophical or even religious point of view, giving you an insight into a situation that was previously unclear. You could also decide to better yourself, from the perspective of becoming a balanced and rounded member of your community while simultaneously, making your unique contribution to society.

The theme of getting to know yourself and what you can achieve, is likely to be strong this year. Attitudes and misconceptions that have held you back, but that you have accepted unconditionally until now, are ripe for review and reconsideration. Try to enlarge your remit generally as you extend the same patience, sense of forgiveness, kindness and broad-mindedness towards others that they have undoubtedly shown you in the past. Everyone who helps you, should expect the same favour by way of reciprocation.
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What goes around surely comes back to you eventually, so the more you can assist others with an optimistic and positive attitude, the greater the likelihood of this finding its way across to you again. But is there no downside to the presence of Jupiter in your sign? Is there nothing about this trend that might trip you up, or bring you difficulties rather than delight? Well, Jupiter has long correlated with overlooking details, yet that ought to be balanced by your own natural tendency, to become quite obsessed with these. Similarly, dodging the issue and avoiding matters that are too important to disregard, are balanced by your innate conservatism. Overindulgence, on every level: financially, with eating and drinking, or unrealistic goals is a possibility, but an unlikely scenario you can easily control, in view of your basic discretion.

So the majority of issues that you’ll face, which will feature within your domestic circumstances and most intimate liaisons in particular, will be about balancing your inherent modesty and prudence, with the potential of a period during which the sky and your impression of it, are by and large the limit. Issues within your home life need to be addressed, sooner rather than later if you are wise. You should endeavour to work towards a stability and security that suits your soul and pocket better, allowing yourself more freedom into the bargain. Meanwhile, others will not always be the source of support that you would like them to be. Although in an ideal world sharing is the way to go, the many toads that you will need to kiss in order to locate Prince Charming, are a warning when it comes to showing due care and circumspection.
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