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Other people play a large part in any important developments this year. This doesn’t imply your own contribution is in any way diminished, simply that many of the most significant changes you’re undergoing at the moment, only complete over a lengthier time frame than the next twelve months and therefore, you require longer for the full import of current events to become clear. Consider Neptune for instance, widely regarded as your ruling planet and among the most distant bodies in the known solar system. This arrived in your sign during 2011 and stays for another twelve years, hence the full extent of the metamorphosis it heralds isn’t obvious at this stage, nor for some period to come.

As befits a planet named after the god of the sea and some presently believe freshwater, also the ancient Roman equivalent of the Greek deity Poseidon, Neptune’s effects are akin to the action of water in the natural world. Much good comes from this of course, since the Earth as we know it could not exist without the life-giving properties of this fluid. But occasionally, a tsunami wreaks enormous damage in a matter of minutes, always remembering that the appearance of such waves is not what you might expect after the towering breakers depicted in disaster movies, before actual footage of these events became widely circulated around the globe. Rather, it is the relentless influx of water following the initial tidal surge that causes the bulk of the carnage, both because of its duration and the unremitting pressure it maintains throughout. The destructive power of a tsunami’s departure cannot be underestimated either, taking a hefty payload of debris with it as well.
But more usually the transformational effects of water and also of the planet Neptune are more gradual, only every bit as lasting and thorough once they’ve run their course. Consider the steady drip of raindrops on to solid rock; repeatedly over decades, centuries and potentially millennia. Such innocuous happenings will given time wear an indentation in the toughest stone’s surface, maybe as the consequence of regular rainfall or an underground rivulet, and as a not so minor illustration of water’s understated yet unquestionable ability to move mountains. Cliffs get washed away, while beaches have vanished and then turned up elsewhere. Valleys are cut into canyons and gullies appear in the surface of featureless flat plains.

Closer to home, the effects of moisture on buildings are equally well documented; even small leaks create mould and then bacteria with a detrimental outcome for the health of any occupants, while at first your paintwork peels and then your interior plaster crumbles, before gradually any brickwork starts slowly to dissolve. Yet if much of this sounds rather unproductive to you, it is probably a question of perspective. Hold the watery Neptune symbolism in your mind, to ensure a good idea of what to expect as the ultimate outcome of this planet’s lengthy stay, and its overriding significance across the longer term, during its first return visit since the American Civil War.

Neptune represents your aspirations and ideals, so now is the moment to reconsider where these might find expression and how they can then fit into the structure of your everyday affairs. You will discover your intuition firing on all cylinders and you could notice yourself feeling drawn to live in the countryside, or beside water as an adjunct to introspection. You will discover your receptivity and sensitivity are heightened, but you should keep a tight check on any escapist tendencies and show caution around alcohol and drugs, even legitimate medication that was deliberately prescribed for you.
: pisces - february 2014/february 2015 :
Watch out for allergic reactions and don’t accept anybody at face value, since the potential for confusion and even unintentionally kidding yourself, is monumental. Still, once everything has been said and done Neptune is traditionally your planet and its presence in your sign, proves welcome in many respects and a very good thing. During this year and those ahead of you, you’ll have the opportunity to become the person you’ve always wanted to be, to live the life you have sometimes even dared to dream of and to express your selfhood fully, not in any bombastic or domineering manner but via an inspired spirit of service. Returning to the watery metaphor; think about all four elements momentarily namely fire, earth, air and water in addition, the ways in which they interact and the consequences for their archetypal dynamics.

Air governs relationships and ideas; it can whip up a storm but ultimately, both the wind and the waves work together here in a convoluted fashion, even though they don’t always conjoin so happily. Earth represents existing structures and you’ll notice some conflicts of interest, since while a lot of changes are behind you more lie ahead, with circumstances not always ready to welcome these. Finally, fire symbolises action. Bring fire and water together in almost any context outside of the kitchen and you’ll witness water extinguishing the flames. Thus implementing your plans becomes the hardest thing to do and so is maybe where, the importance of those about you enters the picture too.
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