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The year running from your birthday in 2015 through to the same point twelve months later, is likely to be an important and pivotal one for you, with a fallout that persists for some years afterwards and that will have a major bearing on your choices and decisions in the future. This is fundamentally a period of culmination, as Saturn transits the apex of your horoscope, a journey it only undertakes once in every thirty years. It’ll leave this region of the sky for three months during the third quarter of 2015, allowing you the chance to put a few things straight, while also giving you the opportunity to tie up any awkward loose ends when this planet is retrograde, between mid-March and August. Otherwise Saturn’s influence on your aims and aspirations continues to be unbroken, right on through until just prior to the December solstice of 2017.

Although you may not have thought about things in exactly this way before, the circumstances that surround you now are what you’ve worked either consciously or more intuitively towards, for about a decade and a half. This will doubtless be easier to appreciate in the context of any professional interests, since with intangible goals in your personal life, it can be harder to trace the connection. Saturn’s influence even by itself, will always indicate a noteworthy phase. Yet the coming period infers a great deal more, especially where your close relationships are inextricably entwined with your quest to make life what you would want it to be. To feel you are one half of a successful partnership matters more than you’d admit, making you swift to spot those imperfections that form a part of most interpersonal dynamics at one point or another.
Your standards are high and your hopes easily dashed, by factors that stimulate your critical faculties and undermine your idealistic expectations. The whole of this year will be hectic and overall, you should expect to see results that are in direct proportion to the effort you’re prepared to expend. Nonetheless from August a new trend enters the mix as Jupiter, a fortuitous influence, passes through your partnership zone and colours the second half of your year. Jupiter will enhance your one-to-one associations on a business and interpersonal level. Others seem increasingly receptive to your ideas, while authority figures are favourably disposed towards you.

Working partnerships ought to be both supportive and profitable, while if you are stoically single, you can expect your friendships to become more rewarding and illuminating. Those liaisons that are working well, witness the good feelings between you deepen and increase, as the stability of your link becomes unquestionable. At the same time, existing bonds that continue to cause problems, are consigned to the past more easily than might otherwise have been expected. If it is love you’re after, you could be surprised at the plethora of opportunities that present themselves, although your confidence is shaky, so you must allow time for new associates to prove themselves and ensure there can be no misunderstandings.

If the likelihood of meeting somebody new appears remote, then the cosmos suggests a change of scenery and some alternative pastimes, will help to brighten your outlook considerably. Jupiter emphasises education, community and cultural activities; religion, philosophy and broadened horizons. If you are already at school or college, it is very probable you will meet somebody special during the furtherance of your studies, while there are evening classes and adult education for those who’d like to extend their social network in a natural way, all in the company of like-minded people.
: pisces - february 2015/february 2016 :
Individuals of a different age, another background or who hail from a faraway location, turn out to be especially interesting companions. Your fellowship has the flavour of a learning experience in itself, more like a voyage of discovery rather than a routine stroll towards a tedious and pedestrian destination. Travel in itself, can help to bring interesting people into your orbit, especially if you are going further afield or to learn something, rather than simply on vacation. Two destinations the more adventurous may like to consider this year are both situated in the extreme reaches of Northern Europe, so undoubtedly these are in some ways academic and not for everyone. However, on the morning of March 20 you could witness a total solar eclipse lasting nearly 2 minutes 47 seconds from there, as it highlights the last degree of your sign.

This is the first solar eclipse in your constellation since a partial event during 2007, or when those in Central and South America caught totality back in 1998. A partial eclipse is again visible more widely, even in West African countries south of the Sahara and so far east as China and Mongolia, but only two landfalls will get the full effect. You can choose between the Faroe Islands, halfway between northern Scotland and Iceland; or the Svalbard archipelago, midway between continental Norway and the North Pole. The former will on average be 20°C warmer and is nearer to the point of greatest eclipse, while the latter gets 27.4 seconds longer for totality and potentially, 24% less cloud. The Faroe Islands belong to Denmark and are ruled by fiery Aries, Svalbard is a part of Norway and under the governance of Scorpio...
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