* monthly * horoscopes - august 2014
- aries : the ram - aries
march 20 - april 19
The frustrations you’ve been facing continue, while the progress that you do make seems always to be countered by some impediment. But try not to exaggerate these obstacles, nor to become downhearted in the face of frequent difficulties, since matters are moving in the right direction, albeit more slowly than you’d like. The machinations of the planets are not random and in the big scheme of things, you are not being singled out for an especially hard time. There is a purpose behind these trends and while you may not relish it, sometimes delays in getting what you wanted, are the best thing that could happen to you…
taurus - taurus : the bull -
april 20 - may 20
Mars and Saturn in your opposite constellation during August, make you glad for the acquaintance of a handful of stalwarts, even if many people appear more keen on being a nuisance rather than a pleasure. Quality and not quantity ought therefore to be your watchword, a distinction you have always believed rather suited the way you dispense your affections. One area of your experience where you can afford to be less guarded, governs your domestic and family affairs. Here, a warm atmosphere prevails and while you may still have more responsibilities than usual, you can anticipate that your efforts will be rewarded.
- gemini : the twins - gemini
may 21 - june 20
To astrologers the term planet is a generic one that covers the Sun, Moon and Pluto too. This month at some point or another, five out of a possible ten of these bodies highlight a region of your horoscope linked with communication; putting you in your element. Emails, texts, telephone calls and social media feature prominently, with the occasional letter and face-to-face encounter to continue this theme. You love it when you’re busy and whether you’re an owl or a lark, you could be seeing the early hours more frequently than usual. Take care not to exhaust yourself; also ensure you eat properly and rest enough…
cancer - cancer : the crab -
june 21 - july 22
The premise of money making the world go around is in your view, too cynical. Sex, the desire to procreate and even honour have been mooted as alternatives with varying success. Others suggest, that in today’s world where barter is unusual and few trade in precious commodities, the idea of accumulating wealth and ensuring your material security, helps keep everybody singing roughly the same tune and working towards similar goals. You are surely aware of the misery that results from not having enough to go around or to provide for yourself. The year ahead is fortunate financially, so why not spread the love?
- leo : the lion - leo
july 23 - august 22
Let’s reiterate the state of play. Jupiter takes slightly under twelve years to circuit the zodiac and spends roughly one year traversing each constellation in turn. It is now back in your sign for the first time in eleven years and you are officially the most fortunate person in the zodiac. During August, Jupiter is joined by the Sun for the majority of the month, Mercury for the first fifteen days, Venus from August 12 and the Moon just before the Sun departs. To say this is the stuff of dreams is no exaggeration. There is only one way to spoil the party and that is by not allowing others, the respect you hope they’d offer you…
virgo - virgo : the maiden -
august 23 - september 22
The Sun enters your sign for the last eight days of August, propelling you into a more public position, to whatever extent your inherently retiring disposition allows. Where you have felt left out recently, or that life is a game you can only enjoy from the sidelines, the Sun’s arrival does a lot to affirm that you will be at the centre of your own parade. Plus with Mercury landing in your constellation another eight days earlier, you can consider precisely how you’d like to make the most of these trends. You may soon yearn for circumstances that are less challenging, but it sure beats languishing in the background, like before…
- libra : the scales - libra
september 23 - october 22
An exodus of planets away from the social zone of your horoscope and towards a more private frame of reference, has you appreciating the moments you have to yourself, even though you are not ready to forego all friendly contact. In fact, the time you do spend with others proves even more rewarding, since you will have had the chance for a few moments to yourself and to recharge your psychic batteries. Subsequently you feel calmer, stronger and less fraught as a consequence. Money matters remain at the forefront of your attention, but it’s a slow and steady journey to address those matters that concern you.
scorpio - scorpio : the scorpion -
october 23 - november 21
The combination of Mars and Saturn in your sign, has a range of productive outcomes. The red planet boosts your energy levels, while Saturn confers stamina and persistence, so it’s an excellent moment to tackle projects that require a concerted effort over a protracted period. Immediate gains are not likely; you will get furthest with a steady devotion to your goals, while at the same time keeping one eye on the future. Your career interests are favoured, since while you wish matters could move faster, your employers or superiors have not failed to notice, how focussed and determined your efforts are proving.
- sagittarius : the archer - sagittarius
november 22 - december 21
You have always enjoyed travelling. You are drawn to unfamiliar and faraway destinations, while immersing yourself in the local culture and appropriately exotic surroundings. Also you can learn a lot from experiences like these, since the broadening effect on your mind is widely celebrated. Occasionally, your responsibilities mean you cannot venture far afield and throughout these periods it can be enough, to expand your mind through traditional forms of education or individual study. However, there are times when you are better turning your back on your everyday cares, and just saying it is time for a vacation…
capricorn - capricorn : the sea-goat -
december 22 - january 19
Dealing with lots of unexpected variables is not normally your forte. You like to have a clear plan, both when it comes to where you’re heading and how you intend to get there. Pluto arrived in your sign with a number of changes a few years back and ever since then, you have been struggling to get matters on an even keel. There is just one huge fly in the ointment and that is your situation at home. Your family, any parents and female relatives especially, where you’re living and the unpredictable happenings in your domestic environment, all add to this sense of turbulence and prevent your outlook from becoming stale.
- aquarius : the water-bearer - aquarius
january 20 - february 18
Although it appears such a constant, the Moon is not always the same distance away. It’s orbit varies by as much as one-eighth from the furthest to its nearest point, meaning the lunar surface really does look larger sometimes and it is not your imagination. Particularly when the full moon coincides with its closest approaches, the Moon appears up to 30% brighter than when the same happens at the opposite end of the spectrum. Sunday, August 10 yields one such occasion and you are delighted to have this in your constellation. It is a time for taking stock, for resting on your laurels momentarily and enjoying the view.
pisces - pisces : the fishes -
february 19 - march 19
As Mercury and the Sun enter your opposite sign, your thoughts turn to the subject of relationships. Your romantic partner, business colleagues and friends are to the forefront of your mind, but the closer those concerned are to you now, the more thought you will give to this link. You have always been a receptive and impressionable person, so you are susceptible to the influence of other’s feelings and demeanour, without clearly knowing the origin or how to separate the accurate from the imaginary. Try to mingle with those who have a positive and happy attitude, matching your regard for them with their concern for you.
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