* monthly * horoscopes - october 2014
- aries : the ram - aries
march 20 - april 19
In a month that contains a complex mix of astrological symbolism, it’s a case of the positive influences and the less helpful ones blending more or less equally. That there are any favourable trends at all, is an improvement on the past and besides, to call these factors simplistically either constructive or disruptive creates rather a misleading picture. Labels don’t always facilitate the understanding of a scenario, where even the most troublesome and unwelcome developments lead to a beneficial outcome eventually, if you handle them in the right way. The dirt hits the fan occasionally, but there is less of it than at other times.
taurus - taurus : the bull -
april 20 - may 20
The emphasis on your working life, along with your obligations and responsibilities generally, eases once the Sun and Venus enter Scorpio, later on this month. A partial solar eclipse in your partnership zone, is best seen from the far north-west of Canada where you might catch 81% coverage, but weather permitting you’ll get a good view from many places across North America, with visible traces extending even further south than Mexico. This increases an already substantial emphasis on your relationships, while hinting at the means by which outstanding issues still waiting be sorted out, might best be resolved.
- gemini : the twins - gemini
may 21 - june 20
Mars in the region of the heavens connected with your partnership affairs, is a biennial influence that many would not welcome, unless of course you were born with Mars prominent and believe a good row is always useful, when it comes to clearing the air. This may be true, but you’ll be pleased to hear that such drastic tactics ought not to prove necessary, since the red planet is involved in a positive and helpful configuration until the middle of October and then again in a minor way, towards the end of the month. The main alignment is known as a kite. This has often been linked to flying high and also happy landings.
cancer - cancer : the crab -
june 21 - july 22
It is a gigantic decision for anybody born under the sign of the Crab, not to have a family. A warm and nurturing domestic environment, with children or grandchildren under your feet, is in most circumstances your idea of fulfilling your natal potential. Life and the universe being what they are, this doesn’t always come about, but it would take a set of intensely absorbing career interests or an especially undermining series of relationship outcomes, for you voluntarily to decide otherwise. During October your home and family, along with children is what it’s all about. If your own look less than rewarding, others fill the gap…
- leo : the lion - leo
july 23 - august 22
A large but partial solar eclipse, brings to your attention a number of issues you’ve been dodging lately, when it comes to your family and home situation. Laying low seems out of character, but your continued survival is a consideration, along with maintaining a reasonable standard of living and some degree of stability. But ask yourself in the big scheme of things, how much emphasis you ought really to be placing on the status quo? If preserving this means compromising your individuality and putting the finest points of your self-expression on hold, how long do you believe you can do this for and at what cost to you too?
virgo - virgo : the maiden -
august 23 - september 22
No man is an island, as the poem goes. Thus you cannot live entirely independently from your peers, but will become richer and more complete as a person by involving other people in your affairs. Yet learning to do so invokes numerous trust issues from your past and if it were so very simple to let go of these concerns, you probably wouldn’t be human in the first place. Where these problems are a result of past experiences and relationships, you are better not carrying them forward into the future. But confidence arises from positive reinforcement. And you never will see that, unless you’re courageous enough to try.
- libra : the scales - libra
september 23 - october 22
Four planets grace your constellation at some point during October. The Moon visits only briefly, but the Sun and Venus are already present as the month begins and leave within hours of each other on October 23. Also a retrograde Mercury comes back to your sign on October 10 and stays until the second week of November. This type of focus doesn’t only imply a great period for buying clothing, working on your appearance and for fixing up your hair. It is also an apt juncture to consider how you deal with people every day and where harmony, fairness and justice could be brought to the forefront, in all that you do…
scorpio - scorpio : the scorpion -
october 23 - november 21
Your journey from the shadows to the foreground is swift and striking. It is accomplished as first the Sun, then Venus and finally the Moon, arrive in your constellation on October 23, within the space of just over ten hours. Add these to Saturn already there and if this were not enough, there is a large but technically partial solar eclipse just over half an hour later, you can catch across the bulk of North America and with the best views from the further north you go. Where you have been in hiding recently, that all changes from this point onwards. Respect does not come automatically you find, it is something you need to earn.
- sagittarius : the archer - sagittarius
november 22 - december 21
Charging from one challenge to the next proves enormously exciting and invigorating. At the first sign of trouble simply choose another option; the grass is always greener, so why bother with the boring details? There must be the perfect place for you somewhere, where you don’t have to sell out or make these awkward compromises. But exploration is one thing and running away is another, especially from questions that are too difficult and painful to confront. With Neptune at the bottom of your chart, the solar eclipse suggests a touch of self-examination, around what you would normally do without much thought.
capricorn - capricorn : the sea-goat -
december 22 - january 19
Sooner or later you face the elephant in the room, think the unthinkable and countenance factors you’ve avoided. The obstacles to your progress originate not from unpredictable conditions, unfavourable trends or bad luck. Other people are at the root of these disruptions and while this may not be their fault, it is of no assistance to your sense of equilibrium to pretend the blame lies elsewhere. Especially when it comes to your family and domestic situation, you need to seize the reins and take responsibility for where you find yourself. These are the only circumstances, in which a satisfactory resolution will ever be pinpointed.
- aquarius : the water-bearer - aquarius
january 20 - february 18
A solar eclipse at the top of your chart keeps your ambitions and objectives, along with your professional affairs most likely, firmly in the spotlight. After all you have struggled towards and everything you’ve done, it is time to look back at the path you’ve trodden, now the summit is in sight. You’re collecting your thoughts for the final push ahead and are busy catching your breath. Any false starts are obvious by this stage, although you can’t judge the wisdom of previous decisions in the light of what you have learned since. If there is anybody driving you on, be grateful. Some would give a lung, for a shepherd like this…
pisces - pisces : the fishes -
february 19 - march 19
Don’t get the impression this will be a tough month, or that the cosmos is stacked against you in any sense. Life does get better as it goes along however, with the best outcomes once the Sun has entered Scorpio and Mars hits Capricorn, during its closing stages. The solar eclipse in Scorpio highlights your working life, with the message of being true to yourself and not abandoning your principles. Some place material resources and monetary reward above personal integrity, but for you to follow this path signals unhappiness and failure. Never forget what you have always believed, or forego this for temporary gain.
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