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There are a number of sites around the Web that claim to calculate your life expectancy and how many years you have left to live. They take your age and lifestyle into account, along with your family history and current state of health. This one especially caught my eye, since it has me down as dying last year. Know what? I have been so busy I hadn’t even noticed…
The Site of the Week is a regular feature, that over the years has built into a major links archive. If you know a site that is worthy of my attention, find changes to one I’ve already mentioned or stumble on any dead links, please let me know. My recommendations appear arbitrary, but hopefully you will find several intriguing things. And when you’ve finished trawling through, don’t forget to visit the Astrologywizard Banner Farm before you go. This always offers another eye-catching assortment of alternative, astrological and esoteric fare.
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