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The subject of money, your possessions and material interests continues to feature throughout much of this year, which runs from the entry of the Sun into your constellation during 2014, through to the same juncture twelve months later. Saturn continues its journey across a part of the sky, associated with earning a living and providing for yourself financially in a variety of ways, including catering for the needs of those who depend on you for their security. Saturn maintains a fearsome reputation, but it is also a great leveller and unquestionably suggests a positive outcome, if you can acknowledge and work within the strict parameters it dictates. For many therefore, your employment and career affairs are often in the spotlight, as you consider the soundest and most profitable options to embrace and then to pursue heading forwards.

By now, you will no doubt be aware that Saturn’s visit to this region of the heavens can be troublesome. But it is far from all bad news, as the special connection between its impact and your sign, has long since been recognised and judged to be an exaltation. A particular affinity exists, between your fondness for fairness and your natural grasp of the give and take that underlies the smooth running of the universe, seen within the context of Saturn’s link with karma and with rewards that are proportionate to the effort you expend. Basically, you recognise the need for hard work, determination, persistence and perseverance in order to get the best from these trends. You understand an element of sacrifice, denial or abstinence in the shorter term is fair exchange, for the type of enduring and lasting rewards this planet brings your way.
While an element of cutting back is typical, along with a period of trial for those factors that will continue afterwards, what ultimately transpires is more enduring and worthwhile in the finish. Besides you are now in the closing months of Saturn’s visit and many of the more problematic features that characterised the early stages of its stay, lie behind you. The past couple of years have been a lesson in money management and the wise use of resources, but if you’ve dealt with this constructively you are in a stronger position than you were when these issues loomed. Your attention remains focussed along similar lines for the moment and pertains to related matters until shortly after the December solstice. They return to the forefront for a final three months, prior to the following solstice in June 2015.

Therefore you may need to give some thought, to what constitute essential outgoings and where perhaps you can cut back, or else promote increased efficiency. And with that you begin to touch upon a range of deeper principles, this outward concern with economic realities fundamentally draws to your attention. With Jupiter set to spend the bulk of the year in Leo, such prosaic interests are only one piece of the bigger picture, as you intend to enjoy the fruits of your labours and realise life is more than simply toil and obligation.

So you will have to prioritise when it comes to your expenditure and concentrate this on what matters most, as increasing your income is not the only answer. Maybe that is one of the biggest lessons inherent in this whole process, as you direct your energy towards a narrower range of objectives than beforehand. In fact the whole theme of learning is prominent in the broadest sense this year. You may be studying already and facing examinations, or you could decide to return to education and polish you skills. The first half of 2015 is best for academic activities, as your serious and dedicated attitude to any complicated or technical subject, helps you greatly…
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Perhaps you are motivated by the feeling that improving your knowledge and practical ability, will enable you to better both your income and your living conditions as a consequence. Although you are likely to put duty first, the drive towards attaining certain fond aspirations will also constitute a noticeable element of the period ahead. This may mean broad-scale alterations, both at home and within the structure of your family. It is possible you will move house, to a location that better suits your requirements these days, or at least contemplate doing so in the future, before long. Renovation and remodelling are additional ways in which your domestic situation can be transformed and regenerated.

During what is likely to be quite a serious and eventually introspective year, you will find it productive to look after yourself and not to take chances with your health. In particular, any unusual complaints that are hard to diagnose could have their roots in stress and tension, while their symptoms may resemble an allergic reaction or mimic a disorder of your immune system. Be careful with any medication, whether prescribed for this or not, since side effects are more likely under influences such as these, hence the same advice applies to recreational substance abuse and your alcohol consumption too. Where your relationships are concerned, you’re really looking for a friend and you will want an existing partner to play that role for you, along with other expectations. You are best within any new romantic associations, to keep the friendship component alive for so long as you can, even once the intricacies of your liaison have clearly taken matters far further than that.
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