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Your forthcoming year, at least until the second week of September 2016, is best regarded as a time of preparation. A number of influences highlight the constellation of Virgo, the sign preceding yours, both as a background influence and at various peak junctures throughout the period ahead. If you consider for a moment that the zodiac is not linear and can be visualised instead as a gigantic circle, with the planets in constant motion all around it only at different speeds, you’ll appreciate this is the final sector of the heavens any celestial augury visits before arriving back in your own region of the firmament again. So times like these are important and have a fin de siècle feeling about them. This phrase was first used to describe the last throes of the nineteenth century, but can also encompass the closing moments of any major cycle.

The months to come will be characterised by the sense of a formative phase concluding, even though this is not yet counterbalanced by the certain perception of another set of challenges waiting in the wings. Here is where a longer term perspective helps; to reassure yourself this is only a temporary interlude, so that you’ll feel less disorientated, while tailoring your expectations to fit with upcoming events. Therefore as one momentous chapter in your story draws to a close, this is also a moment for taking stock and looking back at what has taken place, over the extended timescale of the past decade and even a few anniversaries beforehand. You can expect this twelve months to be an insightful interval filled with introspection, as you assimilate these experiences and decide what you can learn from them, to guide you in to the future.
There is likely to be some intense questioning of your personal desires, drive and motivation on a very fundamental level, not least because your year begins with Mercury retrograde in what is your sector of the sky. In retrospect, you’ll acknowledge you’d probably have done some things differently, but equally you’ll appreciate that what has ultimately come from these experiences has made you a wiser, more knowledgeable and increasingly thoughtful individual.

A clear idea of where you go from here is probably going to take some while to eventuate, but your direction when you find it proves inspiring, within a matter of months and not longer. Since much of the import and nature of what happens is emotional and private, you cannot always verbalise what you feel to your satisfaction, get your message over, or even put the bulk of it into words. So listen instead to your dreams, to that quiet voice within and to the stirrings of your subconscious. And at the same time be on the lookout for every opportunity to consolidate your skills in a practical way. You may be drawn to a program of formal training, or else a curriculum that helps you codify what you already know. Along the way, you are laying the groundwork for a range of possibilities that will find application in the future. As time passes, try to emphasise your intuition to a degree that matches the value you put on logical reasoning. Balance these two to the detriment of neither, while remembering any apparent lack of progress comes down to the machinations of the cosmos and not to acute failures on your part.

During the coming period your relationships continue to be a source of enlightenment, but at the same time also prove extremely disruptive in a number of cases. You are better maintaining loose associations, almost on a friendship level and aside from any more intimate involvement, rather than pursuing links that limit your freedom or swiftly become subjected to a more traditional agenda.
: libra - september 2015/september 2016 :
Pluto around the foundations of your horoscope suggests you are going through some deep-seated changes, several of which share their origins with the experiences lodged in your memory from the distant past, perhaps in your most impressionable years and when you were extremely young, so only you can really tackle these on your own time and for yourself. The best interpersonal connections this year are those that allow you plenty of scope to grow as a person and to make independent decisions. This could mean a new involvement or an existing liaison, but the theme of each partner allowing the other sufficient space is identical. The two of you could conceivably live in different places, or have absorbing interests that require a significant proportion of your energy and resources. The last in a row of four total lunar eclipses, implies that while close relationships remain an important feature, negating your autonomy and sovereignty isn’t a part of the deal.

So in a very real sense, life is in a state of flux. Whether via your direct immersion in an educational environment or out in the wider world, leading to a less tangible but equally telling process of spiritual development instead, from September 2016 onwards your circumstances are set to contrast with those of this year enormously. The astrological year after the current one, from that point and then beyond, suggests a rebirth of optimism and hope is in store for you. You’ll be embarking on a new cycle of growth and progress the like of which, you’ll only witness on a few pivotal occasions during your entire life. Make sure that over the next twelve months, you prepare fully for this turn of events.
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