: libra - your year in the stars :
There are just over fifty-two weeks in a year and in terms of ongoing influences, these run from your birthday during 2013 through to the same juncture twelve months later. The events that characterise this coming period impact primarily on two fronts; with your relationships and home life proving pivotal in the first instance and your work, professional interests and financial position taking centre stage in the second. The outcome in many cases is a favourable one, although your affairs will require careful handling on several occasions. At times you need both insight and awareness in equal measure, to deal with these energies effectively and to reap the most positive consequences.

For example, this year you will find that your closest relationships continue to prove unpredictable. In fact, the more you expect romantic or even influential business partnerships to conform to conventional expectations and fit comfortably with any preconceived notions or ideas, the more random and erratic they are destined to become in return. Such trends occur in direct and inverse proportion to the emotional investment you have in one another and to how central a position each link holds in your affections. Thus casual and social contacts don’t cause excessive fallout, yet romantic relationships and intense family associations generally will bear the brunt. However, if you embrace the changeable and occasionally electric nature of the prevailing atmosphere, an exciting and eventful twelve months certainly lies ahead of you.
A rewarding domestic environment and happy love life are not an unrealistic prospect, especially for those who are currently single or are finally walking away from an unrewarding situation that has been fraught with power struggles, control issues and subtle or more overt attempts at dominance and control. Possibly if you are single at the beginning of this period you can anticipate the most rewarding experience, since the worst that can happen from the most pessimistic perspective is you ending the year as you started.

But existing associations that allow and encourage both partners to be themselves are equally blessed, since you are stronger together and are jointly fulfilled rather than constricted or confined. Don’t be afraid of radical solutions to existing problems and even, moving your boundaries and goalposts voluntarily, to keep matters stimulating and vibrant. Vary your routines, do something different, have a life aside from your connection and you will recognise, how important it is to value someone who encourages you to express yourself and why you should always endeavour to keep them near.

Where there has been trouble though, your mood improves almost immediately you demonstrate the courage to detach yourself, from any suffocating and deadening associations replete with issues of jealousy and possessiveness; or maybe arguments over money, property, other shared resources and even sex. New relationships that are rather unusual and quite different, with a looser and slightly unconventional basis prove surprisingly durable and dependable, especially if the other half of this equation contrasts noticeably with anybody else you’ve ever known. Consider what works for you and worry less about how you imagine a wider society would view your position. Be on the lookout for an individual who is original and inspired, who sees the world in a unique way and who values their freedom as much as you’ve come to discover you appreciate yours.
: libra - september 2013/september 2014 :
Although you are known as a member of the most partnership orientated sign in the entire cosmos and somebody who under normal circumstances loathes to be on their own, the past three or so years have taught you that company shouldn’t be a requirement at any cost and how sometimes, it is possible to broker too many compromises and finish up losing more than you have gained in the process. This is a conclusion you will confirm many times over between your birth anniversary of 2013 and the one that follows, as Mars the planet of energy and self-assertion dominates your area of the sky for thirty-three weeks, between the early stages of December 2013 and late July 2014. If you consider that a visit of six to eight weeks is more common, this period is not one in which you will be willing to accept peace at any price.

Mars is retrograde for eighty days of its stay and seems by a trick of our location in the solar system, to be moving backwards through the zodiac. You are likely to think a lot about how your own approach may have caused difficulties in the past and the ways in which by looking towards your earlier upbringing, you might be able to unravel certain of those patterns that have tripped you up beforehand. From the point of view of your work interests and other fond ambitions either professionally or couched in wider and more general terms, the arrival of Mars does wonders for a picture that is already looking astonishingly promising. You’ll have more energy than usual and will be eager to make progress towards your objectives. These are likely to turn out most successfully if they somehow benefit other people and not just you alone.
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