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The year from your birthday in 2014 through until the same point twelve months later, could not be more different from the twelve months that preceded it. Four days before the Sun enters your constellation Jupiter arrives in your sign, where it remains until August 2015. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system bar the Sun at its centre, when the latter emits heat and light in any case, so is technically our local star. But what Jupiter lacks in a trade-off between these bodies it makes up for with lashings of good fortune, as it is traditionally the luckiest stellar portent of them all. It has been connected with expansion, growth, success, opportunity, prosperity and abundance to name just a few delights. Jupiter is also linked with travel, education, learning in the broadest sense and with those from contrasting walks of life to your own.

Whenever during the period under consideration you promote such associations voluntarily, you can feel confident the affairs with which they are connected will turn out to be fruitful, rewarding, productive, fulfilling, illuminating and enlightening. Consequently, the year ahead is one during which you could discover yourself dealing more frequently with other parts of the world. You may go overseas more often than usual, or have an increased level of involvement with those who inhabit or originate from far-flung regions of the globe, who hail from diverse cultural backgrounds or have significantly different roots. Modern telecommunications and the Internet, make international correspondence and a global perspective easier to maintain, so you don’t have to leave the comforts of your customary environment if that isn’t what you want.
Education is another excellent means of broadening your horizons, whether in a traditional setting or more informally, seeing every day become a voyage of discovery and even the most mundane or random encounters, contain valuable messages and new insights. But the problems that have beset you for such a lengthy period, will not vanish overnight. Nevertheless, you are able to face these strictures with a renewed sense of positivity and enthusiasm, as part of your quest to find a proper resolution. The primary source of difficulty, for some while now and currently as your astrological year begins, revolves around your domestic situation and family affairs...

There have been a number of endings previously and you have noticed a sense of finality pervading the past couple of years, as you purposely let go of situations that were not right for you and established a fresh framework with set guidelines for the future. But perhaps you still need to move house or take up residence, somewhere better suited to your circumstances and your pocket? Or maybe there are a bunch of repairs that need doing; making the atmosphere unappealing and even inhospitable in the interim. And could it be, those you live with are actually causing you the most discomfort, with an unfriendly attitude prevailing where there ought to be love and numerous restrictions around other’s expectations?

Whatever the exact reasons, once Jupiter has entered the fray, you stand a far greater chance of resolving these problems to your satisfaction. The arrival of this planet in your sign signifies the first stirrings of a new cycle of progress and development, the like of which you’ll only witness every twelve years or so. At the same time Saturn, which has been causing so many issues in your private and personal life as it passes over the foundations of your horoscope, begins to move upwards and away from the lower sectors of your zodiac sign overlay, during the closing days of 2014.
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This signifies the final stages of a troublesome phase, since Saturn is uncomfortable deep in the heart of things and has a natural affinity with the uppermost reaches of your horoscope instead. Your journey towards these heady heights is just beginning, even though it may take you a dozen years or longer to realise their potential fully. Saturn never does anything in a hurry, but one of its most annoying characteristics, is in fact what makes the gains it brings along with it, so lasting in the end. In the meantime, with both misty Neptune and an unworldly Chiron continuing to emphasise shared funds and property, it will be better not to depend on external resources any more than you can help.

You may strike it lucky with a generous benefactor but probably, you will discover unfortunately once it is already too late, that a hidden and less advantageous agenda was mapped out for you from the start. Try to be patient when putting your ideals into practice, remembering a reality that takes some time to mould to your requirements, is probably also one that will maintain this new format for the longest too. There could be a fine line between deciding what it is worth continuing with, versus biting the bullet and swallowing your pride, as it becomes obvious an alternative plan is overdue. Decisions like these are stressful and surprisingly hard on you physically, so don’t let minor issues turn into major ones, or imagine that the health advice dished out to the rest of the populace, somehow applies to everybody else except you.
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