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After the cosmic fireworks that characterised the previous astrological year, running from your birthday in 2014 through to your current solar anniversary, you might imagine that your coming twelve months could only prove to be anticlimactic in comparison. It is true this year that others will gradually take your place at the fulcrum of events, but due to a fortunate combination of circumstances that is slow to relinquish its grip on the heavens, your own development can continue unabated if just a little further off from the centre of the stage. This doesn’t mean you’ll be confined to some celestial sideshow or banished to the background, which really would be insufferable in view of all that has gone down. It is just on occasions the time is right, to forego public praise and your lust for adulation in favour of more personal concerns instead.

Although 2014/15 has been a wonderful episode in many respects and certainly one you’ll never forget, it is only the start of a process that continues for the next dozen years and beyond. Note this is a rough and probably conservative timescale, but it’ll give you some idea of the path you’re on and what lies ahead for you. In the meantime, by the middle of September 2015, Saturn has completed it passage through the bottommost sector of your birthchart, while Mars takes its place for a sizeable proportion of this year to continue the same focus. So sort out the founding principles of your everyday existence and you won’t have to worry about them again. You’d be wise to tackle any outstanding issues in your family and regarding the structure of your home itself, sooner rather than later, while the planets remain stacked on your side.
Hopefully, you have already made a number of changes to your domestic situation by now, as Saturn first entered Scorpio back in October 2012. You might have moved house, most probably to a smaller property or a less fashionable area that suited your pocket and situation better. You may have made enormous changes to your family circle, that affirmed a break with the past and could have meant, substantial upheaval within your immediate environment. Or maybe these events seemed to have an external cause and a provenance far beyond your control, as it became clear that plenty was no longer how it used to be and too much water has passed under the bridge, for there ever to be a return to previous scenarios.

Sometimes, this element of your experience hasn’t always been the most pleasurable, but it is important to address any matters that are continuing to make you unhappy, so that you can move forwards again in the knowledge of what is best for you. Besides, it is far from all bad news, as during the first six months of 2015, you have definitely noticed a number of compensatory factors. Jupiter and ultimately Venus passing through your sign, have made this a period of luck and opportunity almost like no other you’ll remember.

Events have ensured that your confidence received an enormous boost, which has lead to you approaching people and situations with a sense of renewed enthusiasm. Improving outcomes have been the result of this, during what marks the end of a spell where you had started to feel you were languishing in obscurity. This persisted solidly over so many years, you’d begun wondering whether it was broadly set in to endure forever. As you have increasingly broadened your world view, embracing fresh concepts and welcoming those from diverse cultural traditions, parts of the world and walks of life into your circle, the more enlightened and successful you’ve become and the greater your achievements too.
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In addition you may have journeyed overseas, or have gone beyond the confines of your usual stomping ground, even if you did stay closer to home. You could have studied at school or college, on the job, or learned new skills informally. Now the question arises of how to bring these to bear in your everyday environment and to see them put to a practical use. One of your biggest issues has been your financial situation. While you may be lucky enough to find a romantic partner who is focussed on their career and earns the necessary wherewithal to support you, a key element of this year’s trends is learning to provide for yourself. A dependence on credit, your friends, parents, welfare handouts, the generosity of others and external financial support generally, is not a situation that encourages you to embrace autonomy nor suggests you might manage to in future. The triumphs so obvious to the outside world, are undermined by what goes on behind the scenes.

Fortunately, while Jupiter leaves your sign on August 11, Venus remains until October and helps you to convince those in authority of your talents and abilities. And Jupiter highlights your money zone throughout the coming period to pinpoint a prosperous and profitable phase. This works out best for you, the more willing and prepared you are to maximise your earned income. Look for opportunities beyond your immediate neighbourhood and collaborate where you can with people whose viewpoint is similar, but whose origins contrast with yours. Get ready to put past disappointments behind you and to end the year with more of whatever you value, even if not with more money in the bank.
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