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The twelve months from your birthday in 2013, through until the same point the following year are fundamentally a period of preparation. Whether you have recognised this consciously already or it’ll take the benefit of hindsight for that to fall into place, you are moving from one major cycle now drawing to a close, while clearing the decks ready for the next phase to begin. You may feel you have been very patient and are eager for swifter progress, but the cosmos is keeping a close eye on you and has other plans in mind. It’ll help to understand the point of years like these before you even start, so as to deal with the present in the context of the future and with the wisdom you inherit from the past.

While you are biding your time and biting your lip on occasions then, you can console yourself with the thought that shortly before your next anniversary, Jupiter will enter your constellation. This is the luckiest planet of all and its arrival heralds, a new cycle of growth and progress the like of which you haven’t seen since 2003. It’ll make your existence that much more pleasurable and purposeful, while advancement is apparently far simpler than it feels today. It is important for you to make the very most of this, so you won’t want to be held back by unfinished business and complicated entanglements from beforehand. This is a concept it’ll help to note when often in the interim you realise you are less than central to the big scheme of things. Use this period for tying up loose ends and for ensuring that nothing can get in your way later…
Perhaps the main factor needing your attention at the moment is also the one you are least eager to tackle. Stresses and strains in your family and around where you’re living won’t go away without your intervention, in fact the more you try to ignore them the more pressing and disruptive they tend to become. But trust the cosmos has your own best interests at heart, because without this constant focus you might be tempted not to deal with assorted issues, that’ll keep creating problems until you face up to them. This is that old scoundrel Saturn at work and you’ll perceive its impact in a number of areas. Perhaps certain family members prove a burdensome responsibility, maybe your mother or an elderly parent in particular, or else somebody features prominently whose whole attitude and demeanour makes it difficult and unrewarding to interact with them.

It could be your home is a cause of significant expenditure, takes a lot of your time and energy in terms of repairs and so forth, or the atmosphere there is lonely and unfriendly, while you have plenty to keep you busy and not a moment to relax. Maybe your possessions and furniture are gradually wearing out, leaving you with less to cope with but also the prospect of a considerable outlay to replace whatever you need. In fact, you may need to move house, with the possibility of a cheaper domicile predominant in your mind, yet where the money for a move will come from you aren’t entirely sure.

While generally you have been fortunate when it comes to sourcing additional funds, you know you cannot always rely on other people and that one day, you will find certain lucrative resources are no longer available for deployment or at the disposal of your whims and inclination. If you are of an appropriate age and motivation, one solution might be to seek out an alternative line of employment. Where the past few years have seen a number of changes already, you should realise whether the path you’re on is likely to be fruitful.
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If not, you could always try a slightly modified approach, or even something completely different with a more realistic likelihood of success. Working hard is an admirable objective, but doing so productively isn’t necessarily the same thing. It is no good knocking yourself out and damaging your health, in pursuit of goals that won’t happen no matter how you try. Your health is important and though robust, it can’t stand up to continuous abuse. Neglecting minor ailments is an especially bad idea, since these contain the potential to turn into something larger.

If all this sounds rather lacklustre and like you have a tedious twelve months ahead of you, remember the importance of looking at everything within the context of where you are coming from and your possible trajectory henceforth. Next year is a huge one for you and you’ll be back in your element, as if you are living how you are destined to be and can take centre stage again. You wouldn’t want a bunch of encumbrances from a prior phase that’s now concluding, to mar your advance later or to distract you from the task in hand, would you? So, spend the intervening interval quietly and diligently sorting out your personal situation from the ground up, beginning at home. This is your odyssey and as such you will find other people’s input of limited assistance. A solid foundation is essential for what lies ahead and that is your task now.
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