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The underlying theme of your year ahead is becoming a familiar one, since it has featured during the previous three cycles of the Sun around the zodiac and you can probably trace its origins back still further, to the middle of 2010 perhaps. The fundamentally constant message has been one of increasing individuality, with the desire to plough your own furrow and to pursue a more unique trajectory than you ever were inclined or able to do previously. With Jupiter passing through your sign during the preceding twelve months you have made huge strides, broken a lot of ground and broadened your horizons significantly, not that this process really felt like hard work or anything other than natural.

Jupiter remains in your constellation until July 16, having initially arrived on June 26, 2013. So, the coming year starts on a similar note, as you continue this course of action into the weeks and months ahead, seeking broadly to consolidate and then to build upon the changes you have made, either from a conscious or more intuitively guided point of view. Jupiter’s links with travel, education and those from other parts of the world have brought these factors to the forefront of your attention. Learning in the broadest sense does not always happen in the classroom either, although you can expect those occasions when there is an academic setting, to be particularly rewarding and successful. Your encounters with people from different walks of life, have taught you plenty about the universe and also your position within it. Neither, in this era of cheap and easy global communications, is it always necessary to venture far away from home in order to enjoy such experiences.
Yet Jupiter will soon move on to occupy the financial sector of your horoscope, then it’ll stay there for the remainder of the period under consideration. Don’t be too downhearted when it finally leaves your sign, because it subsequently shines an encouraging light on your financial affairs, emphasising the money that you earn in particular, rather than any surprise windfall, investment dividend, inheritance or gambling triumph. You can nevertheless expect your cash flow to be buoyant, while every effort to improve your circumstances, is rewarded many times over by these generously supportive trends.

Making an attempt to push your money boat out is recommended, if you would like your own ship of plenty to come in again. Work on creating opportunities yourself and don’t rely on Lady Luck to knock down your door. She may still try to, but in the meantime you’ll do better getting out amid the full flow of events, since it is easier for this auspicious energy to find you out, if you are not hiding away. Particularly if you are working or would like to do so, you shouldn’t hesitate to seek a better paid position, apply for a promotion or ask for a raise. The chances are the bulk of your income won’t stay with you for very long, but you’ll meet your bills and finish the year with more of whatever you fancied. In one hand and out of the other probably best summarises this course of events, but the bias is a progressive one, that implies material prosperity as the end result.

Coincidentally or maybe not, Saturn also moves to emphasise your working life from later in December. This suggests you are going to be very busy and despite your improving income, will not be content to rest on your laurels or forget you have other fish to fry. Saturn moves more slowly than Jupiter and takes roughly thirty months to travel through each section of your horoscope. Thus, it is often found linked with longer term projects, and those that only start to reveal their full potential, in the closing stages of this planet’s visit.
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For the meantime, any warm appreciation for your efforts could seem thin on the ground. You will have to take the long view, knowing you are creating a foundation for the future and that your finances appear less precarious. Those with the power to make important decisions come to recognise your input eventually, while Saturn with its slow but persistent mode of action also impacts on your everyday routines. It brings a number of new responsibilities to the table, so you need to look at your existing schedule and see what you can alter to accommodate these. It can also be hard on your health, so good dietary practices are to be encouraged, along with adequate exercise, sufficient time to unwind and enough rest. Look after your teeth while caring for your skin and hair, since these come under the rulership of the ringed planet. Your digestion can be sensitive at times, while keeping your joints flexible and supple, depends on what you eat and on maintaining your mobility.

So while not everything can come your way immediately, the next twelve months see your material affairs especially, moving in the direction almost anybody would most likely want. There is a bit more practicality and effort required from you, with care and caution where your relationships are concerned. The potential exists for some powerful encounters, with plenty of passion and a remarkable depth of feeling in all your closest associations, even a new love relationship. But you can’t expect everyone to be delighted by your pursuit of freedom. Power struggles, jealousy and meddling should be avoided at all costs. Stand up for your rights but no more, to prevent matters turning really nasty.
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