: cancer - your year in the stars :
The coming year continues with you in a formative phase and in the midst of a period that in retrospect you will recognise as a pivotal time, separating what has happened previously from your circumstances nowadays and in particular, from what lies ahead of you. Ever since the middle of 2010, Uranus has been passing over the topmost sector of your horoscope. It has reminded you, when you’ve managed to get a handle on this roller-coaster ride that living your life according to other people’s criteria, ought not necessarily to be your number-one priority.

But it is only natural for most folk to join together in groups, since way back in our evolutionary history there was safety in numbers. You were less likely to fall prey to dangerous predators for example, by sticking with your cohort and your clan, rather than imagining you could become a lone wolf or behave as an isolated individual. Even today, there is a sense of security in the company of friends and family; yet still, when the power of the collective becomes more limiting than reassuring, you’ll notice the urge to break free. You always have had your own set of values and you take pride in these, even if for the most part they remain an individual concern and are not something you’re inclined to shout about. In your more insightful moments you may have wondered whether trying to fit in with society’s standards and expectations, doesn’t actually detract from a number of personal goals and mean you are fulfilling less of your potential, than you could have anticipated otherwise.
So both in terms of its impact and also its astronomy, Uranus is an unusual planet. Its axis is tilted sideways, meaning its poles are where most planets have their equator and in effect it is rotating on its side. This planet was first spotted by William Herschel in 1781, upsetting a system of planetary rulership laid down in the second century AD, but which was widely accepted even before then. The discovery of Uranus was mankind’s first inkling that the universe is a more chaotic and disorderly place than was always presumed, at least from the point of view of its boundaries and symmetry. The symbolic interpretation of Uranus is much the same; it disrupts the order prevailing before, allowing you to make a unique contribution.

In your experience, this planet has turned existing preconceptions on their heads, while its exact position has mainly meant, that your career interests and professional affairs were most affected. If you are of working age, you are probably doing something different now from when this influence began. If you are in a position where work no longer figures or maybe never did, your overall direction and aspirations heading forward, have assumed an idiosyncratic tone.

Change has been a feature of these events and since Uranus is associated with the unexpected, attempting to be too specific about the eventual outcome doesn’t prove entirely fruitful. Factors that embrace the energy and symbolism of Uranus are recommended: modern technology, progressive concepts, humanitarian interests, forward thinking, social media and working for yourself, all suggest excellent returns. But trying to stick with what you imagine people want from you, conversely precipitates a more disruptive outcome. These trends continue throughout this year and into those that follow. The more you can plough your own furrow and do your own thing, the easier your progress since attempting to stick with prior preconceptions, renders your situation increasingly unpredictable.
: cancer - june 2015/june 2016 :
Where you are striking out on your own and pursuing a distinctive and unusual course, you should not expect the results to be immediate or to follow a predetermined route. Saturn passing through a sector of your horoscope connected with hard labour and with the daily grind, affirms that the next couple of years and beyond are an occasion for putting in the groundwork, with a view to enjoying the consequences thereafter. You are looking at a time frame of a couple of years or thereabouts, during which you ought to apply yourself assiduously and wholeheartedly to the tasks in hand. Your rewards arrive subsequently, again quite slowly in the first instance, but correspondingly turning out to be more lasting as a result. Your health could be a factor you also need to watch, not necessary from the perspective of any disasters, but simply the pursuit of good health practices, sufficient exercise and the right diet as an insurance against more unpleasant eventualities.

Although you will be working hard, facing a number of unexpected occurrences and postponing your gratification until another day, Jupiter ensures that especially prior to August, your financial affairs will remain pleasingly buoyant, while a fresh sense of optimism and an appreciation of your good fortune permeates the air. Even though your relationships have in recent memory been fraught with power struggles and alienation, the downside is matched this year by an intensity that is both fascinating and transformational. It is again, almost as if by breaking away from limiting and deadening circumstances, you’ve found a new lease of life when it comes to those around you too…
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