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Your coming year is dominated by the return of Jupiter to your sign. That is traditionally a strong position for this planet and technically, is known as an exaltation. Especially where you are concerned, it suggests the year will be filled with opportunity, the like of which you have not seen since Jupiter’s last visit ended during August 2002. However, these developments won’t force themselves on you, meaning the good news is that you are unlikely to feel overwhelmed, overstretched or as if events are running away with you. Nevertheless, you maintain an input into how matters pan out, so you ought to try making the most of these trends and to ensure you are in a position to capitalise on them.

Jupiter is linked with expansion, success, growth, luck, optimism, abundance, travel over a notable distance rather than closer to home and to post-compulsory education. But in fact you’ll find learning in almost every sense will be highlighted throughout your year ahead. Whether in the classroom, at school or college, via independent study or as an adjunct to your work, you will have discovered more about the world and your own position within it by the time the next twelve months are over. If you apply yourself and revise as you should, good grades in any forthcoming examinations ought to be a breeze, while you are also drawn to find out about alternative lifestyles and the customs or traditions of those from other regions of the world. You are fond of your home and familiar surroundings, so the forays from your armchair might only go so far as watching documentary investigations, reading travel guides and bookmarking videos that capture your interest on the Internet.
However, it wouldn’t be surprising if you were drawn to make some more definite travel plans, either for the obligatory week or two somewhere that intrigues you or for a longer and more purposeful expedition, always assuming your finances and responsibilities permit. Similarly, you could discover yourself dealing with other parts of the planet even if you don’t actually visit them. Email, the telephone and their equivalents have a role to play, while you may encounter people from different age groups and walks of life during the usual run of events in your regular locality. All these are positive examples of Jupiter’s energies working to your advantage, so long as you take a little care and keep a watchful eye over proceedings...

Of course, every planet has its downside and where Jupiter is concerned this revolves around an inclination to extravagance and excess. Overeating is one familiar consequence and while when you’re young you might get away with this, middle age brings the inevitable and very obvious outcome of expanding your middle, as this term appears wryly to imply. Drinking too much, overspending, overindulgence of every sort and even overwork are dangers about which you ought to remain vigilant. Try to create adequate space for a balanced lifestyle that incorporates rest, relaxation, leisure, work, sleep and wakefulness in the right proportions. Weight gain is the most frequent outcome so if you can’t moderate your intake, you’ll have to devise another means of burning those extra calories later.

Yet with everything considered your coming year, from your current birthday up until your next anniversary marks an important period you will remember. This won’t necessarily be down to monumental events, but rather because of a general sense of moving forwards and coming into yourself, after several months and probably longer when due to relationship eventualities and other discouragements, you discovered yourself becalmed and apparently in the doldrums.
: cancer - june 2013/june 2014 :
Anyway, Saturn ensures that careless intemperance is far from inevitable. In lots of ways you’ll get the most from furthering your prospects in tangible and concrete ways. Working steadily towards a distinct set of objectives serves you better and leaves you more satisfied, than irresponsibly throwing caution to the winds ever could. Although you are primarily in a phase now, where the desire to make your mark and carve out a place for yourself on your own terms remains paramount, your family and life at home stays a gigantic feature, simply because of who you are and the person you have always been. You’ll feel happier when you have made an impression, independently and on your own terms, but the concerns of those you love and your immediate circle are never far away, particularly during the lengthy and prolonged stay of Mars around the foundations of your horoscope, that runs from December 2013 and right through until its denouement late during July 2014.

This juncture lies beyond the boundaries of your year ahead, so in the interim you’d wise to mark the eighty days when Mars is retrograde, lasting from the beginning of March until the closing stages of May 2014, as a period during which you’ll confront and eventually confirm a number of important decisions. There remain several compensatory factors where your relationships are concerned, especially the long visit of Venus to Capricorn your opposite sign, although you may need to rationalise your responses to appreciate why you’re feeling as you do…
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