: aries - your year in the stars :
The first part of this coming period is likely to signal a few challenges, while it is reasonable to suppose that your year running birthday to birthday, won’t prove the easiest twelve months you will ever have experienced. Especially for those born under the second half of the Ram’s influence, say from April 6 onwards or a day or so before, the fallout from these trends could take until early 2015 for you to deal with them entirely. However, given a choice you’d always prefer to tackle problems straight away, while you’ll know you are at your finest when you have obstacles to face. If you can regard these circumstances as a necessary and ultimately productive battle with a finite conclusion approaching in a few months’ time, then you may get to relish addressing the issues raised, rather than allowing their enduring presence to depress you.

You can also take some solace in the knowledge these problems are nothing new. If you struggle along with them now, then their days will surely be numbered. You have faced similar dilemmas before; for example cast your mind back to the months between July and September 2013, or particularly around the turn of the new year in 2014 for an idea of what to expect. Uranus, the planet of individuality and change, continues with a protracted journey through your constellation that began four years ago and doesn’t finish finally, for a further five years. The symbolism of this cosmic visitor, affirms your need to break free from unnecessary restrictions and to live your life your own way, therefore as you see fit. However, the human condition is imperfect, so it is not always easy to recognise the means of fulfilling this potential immediately.
Even the most radical and rebellious among us can unintentionally hold on to relationships and places, possessions and choices out of determination or obstinacy, for the sake of security, a fear of the unknown or because you’ve never considered any real alternative. Except from July of this year Jupiter moves into Leo, heralding the beginnings of a happier interlude ahead. Where life was so lonely and folk so difficult, it signals more positive trends on the horizon, especially in your personal life. If you are single, romance could be in the stars. You should remain on the lookout for someone from a different background to you, who maybe hails from a contrasting age group, an intriguing cultural milieu or another part of the world.

Those in existing relationships that have been sorely tested, find emerging from this period in one piece rewarding enough, since many associations will not have made the grade. Still, others who stuck together through these trials and tribulations are blessed by a similar resurgence of contentment, love and mutual respect particularly wherever children are involved, or when you would like them to feature in future. Your finances improve once Saturn leaves Scorpio in December, just for a fleeting six months at first. People seem easier to relate to, although some associations no longer hold the promise they did and are inexorably consigned to the past.

But overall, by the time the coming months conclude, you can see a little light at the end of the tunnel. You are battered and noticeably bruised, but you realise you have learned plenty. You can even imagine some of that old confidence creeping back into the frame. So with a lot to look forward to a few months down the line, what about those difficulties to expect shorter term? These are because until June 2014, Uranus forms a troublesome angle to Jupiter, as it passes over the foundations of your horoscope, while Pluto exerts a lengthy and transformational impact on your aims and objectives.
: aries - march 2014/march 2015 :
Yet Jupiter is the planet of growth and success, so can never be so damaging as certain other forces are. Pluto by contrast has manifested a huge influence on your professional ambitions for ages, with an array of changes over the past six years that are nowhere near to an end. This planet breaks down structures that are not right for you, but matters are hardest when you pay no heed. Though you have a number of goals to the forefront of your mind, you may be smarter to ponder the wisdom of what the cosmos shows you and how this makes life easier.

Presently, you have a firm set of destinations outlined, that relate primarily to your position in the community and assuming you are of the appropriate age and inclination, to your employment affairs. But the lesson of this alignment is that in the end, it does not take the approval of anybody else to feel complete and happy inside. Pluto has been associated with the collective, so although your natural response when facing any hindrance is to throw yourself forcefully at it, as you confront the barrage of evidence to the contrary, you might do better to acknowledge an alternative viewpoint. The trouble with the wider world is there will always be a ready supply of people, so if your opinion and theirs differ substantially, you will be drowned out by the weight of numbers. By working on your private life and domestic situation instead, you can achieve a greater degree of independence far more swiftly. A welcome sense of consummation prevails, with the minimum of fuss...
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