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Your year begins on March 20 with a celestial spectacular, when a solar eclipse in the final degree of Pisces brings totality to the extreme reaches of a wintry Northern Europe, on the same day the Sun enters your sign and heralds the first day of spring for this locality. A partial solar eclipse is also witnessed across the entire continent, along with swathes of Africa, Asia and the Middle East, gradually diminishing in its magnitude as the distance from the point of maximum eclipse increases. Solar eclipses are more powerful than their lunar counterparts and you are less likely to see one, since for the Moon to obscure the surface of the Sun a precise alignment is necessary, that can only be glimpsed over a few minutes and from a limited number of locations. Lunar eclipses, in contrast are easily visible anywhere it is dark, as the Earth gets in-between the Sun and Moon, blocking the light from the former and diminishing the brightness of its cosmic mirror, our satellite.

Any eclipse is as its strongest when it is visible from where you are living, but their effects are global making your whereabouts for the most part immaterial. The fallout from each event lasts typically for six months, after which another solar eclipse occurs and the emphasis shifts elsewhere. Not all solar eclipses are created equal though, with totality occurring once every eighteen months. The deeper the eclipse, the greater its consequences and while for one to fall in the final degree of a sign is fairly commonplace, an eclipse at the end of the zodiac is extremely rare. In fact, just seven solar eclipses have highlighted this position in the past thousand years. And of these, only four were total…
The last among them placed the spotlight on northern Australia and New Guinea in 1662, the same year the Dodo became extinct. The next will follow a trajectory from Nigeria to China in nineteen years hence, but after that there is no totality expected in this region of the sky for in excess of eight centuries. Ongoing events have a particular import for you as they take place at the March equinox, heralding the passage of the Sun into your constellation. Thirteen hours later and the message of this alignment would alter entirely.

But as things stand and considering the remainder of the universe over the ensuing year ahead, this unusual turn of events helps to draw your attention back towards certain issues, on which it would be wise for you to focus. From an everyday perspective these have been rumbling along in the background, but the full significance of what you’re doing is best understood, by considering a number of underlying and longer term trends, along with those background themes that continue beneath an otherwise routine schedule. The eclipse of March 20, pinpoints an area of your psyche that serves as a repository for habit patterns from the past. Usually, these were acquired during childhood from your parents and whosoever else played this formative role. While they stood you in good stead when you took them on board, their persistence over decades can easily become suffocating, if you aren’t prepared to look again at their real purpose, or to contemplate changes when the need presents itself.

Eclipses run in long series, because of a natural harmony between complex lunar cycles. These last a staggering 1,226-1,533 years each and produce 69-86 eclipses in that time, firing off an event every eighteen years. The present eclipse is one from a family that began in 933, during the Dark Ages for Western civilisation, and that is working its way up from the South Pole towards an eventual last act at the top of the world, with ten eclipses to go after this one.
: aries - march 2015/march 2016 :
Its symbolism pinpoints your thinking and logical mind, along with where inbuilt patterns of behaviour and more importantly, how you explain your reasoning to others could be undermining your intentions. It is as crucial for people to appreciate where you are coming from, as it is for you to know this for yourself. If you seek advice and then ignore it, or say one thing and do another, people soon come to the conclusion that you are less than dependable. But then on April 4, a total lunar eclipse seen all over the globe excepting Europe, Africa and the Middle East, yields some wonderful photo opportunities from Alaska, northern Japan, eastern Asia and Australia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand.

Since a lunar eclipse always occurs either two weeks before or about a fortnight after the solar fireworks with which it is associated and never beyond this frame of reference, so its position in the zodiac can help you to resolve the issues this solar eclipse is likely to raise. As the lunar eclipse on this occasion is in the sign of Libra, it suggests that your relationships, those around you and the pursuit of harmony in all your closest associations are factors to promote and emphasise. Avoid anyone who has shown your best efforts to be fruitless and any progress to be impossible, but examine your own attitudes and address any lurking doubts within your psyche. Be ready to trust others with your plans and don’t be afraid to include them in the picture; taking folk into your confidence, promoting partnership and saying how you feel.
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